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Volunteer Spotlight- Zijing

  • By Abi Hart
  • 6th March 2023

My name is Zijing Zhang, and I am originally from Suzhou, China. Half a year ago, I came to the University of Leeds for further study and I am currently studying Corporate Communication, Marketing and Public Relations in the business school, which I am passionate about. Apart from studying in university, I also have undertaken professional Google certifications like a digital marketing certification and analytics certification.

My hobbies include working out, volunteering and cooking. I also love travelling as well as hanging out with friends often. I enjoy volunteering because I like helping and motivating people and contributing to society as it gives me a sense of achievement. I used to be an international volunteer back in my undergraduate school, and welcomed over 100 international students to my university, showing them around the campus and attractions of the city and participating in various activities. I wanted to join Leeds Mencap when I saw them hiring for Marketing and Communications Volunteer roles at my university volunteer fair. I felt this position was suitable for me because my degree is mostly about communications and marketing and I thought this role could give me more experiences and skills, which is very valuable for me.

Since I started volunteering in Leeds Mencap, I have been enjoying it a lot. I love the atmosphere and people here. Everyone is so kind and helpful, which makes it a lovely place to work in. Through volunteering at Leeds Mencap, I get to learn a lot of new things like how a charitable organization works and meet more new people who can give me guidance, which I am very grateful for. Moreover, it gives me the opportunity to take on different tasks and responsibilities where I can exercise my skills and put what I learned into practice. In a word, I just love volunteering in Leeds Mencap and adding my effort to the work to help people with learning disability live a better life.

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