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Our playrooms

At Jimbo’s Community Nursery we have a number of playrooms as well as an outdoor play area.

Willow playroom for toddlers

The Willow playroom is our toddler room for children from 2 to 3 years of age. We have a maximum of 20 children in this room at any 1 time with five members of staff (1:4 ratio).

In our Willow Playroom there is a clear focus on promoting young children communication, social and physical skills. For instance, we introduce the children to new vocabulary every week and as soon as the children are developmentally ready, we work with parents to support them with toilet training.

With plenty of space for children to be active and to imagine, explore, discover, rest and relax, this room provides the warmth, positivity and fun activities that help young children get used to being in a nursery environment. There will be lots of opportunities for your child to be involved in messy play, storytelling, singing, role play, and of course outdoor play will be fully integrated into the day. The Willow team plan the activities around interesting themes and the children’s interests, for instance, we may learn about different colours 1 week while  the following week we may find about different types of transport.

Maple playroom for pre-schoolers

The Maple playroom is for children aged from around 3 years up to school age. We have a maximum of 24 pre-school children in this room at any 1 time with 3 members of staff (1:8 ratio).

In our Maple playroom there’s a clear focus on developing children’s communication skills, independence, confidence and school readiness. Your child will learn how to use new words, good manners, manage hygiene routines, make choices, express their own preferences, use a knife and fork, hang up their coat and recognise their own name. Mark-making will help to prepare children for the literacy work they will do in reception, alongside a fun and creative approach to numeracy. We use a wide range of activities both indoors and outdoors to engage with children and encourage them to be expressive, to create bonds with staff and other children and to ensure that we encourage them in areas where they excel and support them in areas where they may struggle. We are committed to working closely with you to ensure that your children have the skills, confidence and self-esteem to transition easily into primary school life.

Hawthorn Playroom for children with learning disabilities/additional needs

Within the specialist playroom (Hawthorn Playroom), which has a ball pool and sensory room along with specialist equipment, we provide:

15+ hours per week childcare for children aged 2 to 4 years

The majority of the children attend for 15 hours per week, but any number of hours can be accommodated up to full time (50 hours per week). Children are supported to progress towards learning and development goals based on their needs and abilities. They may also spend time in other playrooms in the nursery. Children who have learning disabilities/additional needs and who have a ‘base’ place in one of the mainstream playrooms may also spend time in the specialist playroom for targeted activities.

Oak playroom for After School and Holiday Club

We pick up children from 3 local Primary Schools (All Saints, Richmond Hill and St Patrick’s). We have a maximum of 16 primary school aged children (4 to 11 years) attending at any one time with two members of staff (1:8 ratio). While attending, the children have opportunities to relax, make friends, play and have fun.

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