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Volunteer Spotlight- Alice

  • By Abi Hart
  • 13th March 2023

Next in our meet the volunteers series is Alice! Read more about her and why she wanted to volunteer for Leeds Mencap below:

I initially wanted to join Leeds Mencap after seeing an advertisement for the Fundraising Administration Volunteer on the University of Leeds volunteering announcements page. I was interested in applying as I felt that the position was well suited to me having previously held a similar position in a local charity, which held similar focuses and goals, before moving for university. I have significant experience working in charities having also previously volunteered with Oxfam. This role is a step-up once again from my previous roles as I progress to more meaningful positions at larger charities. Everyone has been very kind and helpful, giving me an opportunity to improve and build on my skills.

Mencap is a charity that is incredibly important to me, having been positively impacted by it both directly and indirectly consistently over the years. Having acted as a carer for several years, the resources and activities that Mencap made available to my family are something I will always remain grateful for. After experiencing the benefit that this support can have both on individuals and families, I was motivated to contribute to this fantastic source of positivity in any way I could. Leeds Mencap’s wide range of support and services inspire me to continue to work to do something good for the local communities in Leeds. Having only moved to Leeds recently I have been welcomed warmly in so many ways, I am very happy to be able to turn this experience into something as productive as possible.

I am currently studying International Relations at an undergraduate level and am half-way through my second year at the University of Leeds. I am very interested in charities and the impacts that they can have on every level of society, and I am very excited to be involved in that directly through Leeds Mencap. My role gives me the opportunity to try new tasks and gain experience in more formal settings as I grow to understand the inner workings of larger charities that I have previously only studied from the outside.

My hobbies include running, reading, and Taekwondo. I enjoy going on long walks both on my own and with friends. Having grown up in Sheffield, with the Peak District right at the doorstep, I have grown to love the outdoors and spending time in nature is very important to me. Being able to travel to see my family easily is very important to me and I enjoy travelling back and forth when I have time. In the future, I hope to continue working in organisations that have as much of a constructive impact as Leeds Mencap. Right now, I am really enjoying my role at Leeds Mencap as well as the general atmosphere that I am able to experience in the office. Everyone I have met it very passionate, knowledgeable and friendly

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