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Merry Quizmas!

  • By Abi Hart
  • 8th November 2021


We are so excited to announce that we are hosting our first Christmas quiz in partnership with the wonderful Headrow House this December. It will be a great evening for people to come together and kick off their Christmas celebrations, all whilst raising money for a great cause! See the poster below for full details. Please note that this event is inclusive and open to everyone. This means that it is open to our service users and families, the general public and students from the local universities. Tickets are available to purchase here: https://dice.fm/event/2v6pp-leeds-mencap-christmas-quiz-1st-dec-headrow-house-leeds-tickets

If you cannot attend the quiz in person then why not host your very own Christmas quiz to raise money for Leeds Mencap?

Before the Quiz

  • Before you can get quizzing you need to have a suitable venue, whether you meet your friends at a local pub or do the quiz from the comfort of your own home, having a cosy spot to do the quiz will make all the difference!
  • Make sure to pick a suitable time- you don’t want your quiz to clash with any of your peers’ regular commitments or any major sporting or entertainment events. You want to make sure you have their full attention.
  • Questions- when drafting the questions make sure to make them a suitable standard. You want them to be challenging but remember the quiz is all for fun so don’t make it impossible. Read your questions and answers through ahead of time to make sure they all make sense. Nothing will ruin a quiz more than rubbish questions.
  • Equipment- if you are doing a good old fashioned paper quiz then make sure you have enough paper, answer sheets and pens for everyone, with spares just in case. If you are running your quiz as a computer presentation make sure it is set up and runs smoothly ahead of time to avoid any technical issues.
  • Promotion- Make sure to promote your quiz among you peers, family and friends, the more the merrier!

During the quiz

  • In addition to your usual general knowledge questions why not add in some special rounds? A round or a few questions on learning disabilities is an interesting way to mix things up and raise awareness for the work that we do. You could also include a challenge round such as building the tallest tower out of household items or the quickest to solve a puzzle or mini game.
  • Offer refreshments. Whether you just want to buy crisps or nibbles or you fancy yourself as a bit of a baker or chef, providing snacks and refreshments for your guests will ensure everyone has a great night- after all nobody is fun to be around when they’re hangry!

After the quiz

  • Count up and keep note of the amount of money raised straight after the quiz and send the money into us as soon as possible. If you are storing the money somewhere before donating it then make sure it is stored in a safe place it’s always good to assign more than one person to this job to check the totals and make sure that the money is safe.
  • Thanking- make sure to thank everyone who attended your quiz and let them know how much they raised. You can also contact us to receive a personalised thank you certificates for all those that took part.

Happy quizzing! 🙂

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