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Our long lasting relationship with Asda

  • By MencapUsr
  • 6th August 2019

Sarah from Killingbeck Asda tells us about the support they’ve given to Leeds Mencap over the last couple of years and the support they’ve provided for us.

I had the pleasure of being introduced to Leeds Mencap not long after starting my role as the Asda Community Champion at the store in Killingbeck. I was invited to take a tour of their brand new centre on Vinery Terrace and see how Asda Foundation funding had supported this. They received a massive £18,000 which went towards their kitchen and kitchenette.

Since my first introduction I have worked with Leeds Mencap, through booking them for in-store bag-pack fundraising and donating items towards their activities. We most recently got all of the colleagues involved with a ‘Wear A Cap Day’ during Learning Disability Week 2019. 

We have also spoken about possible ‘Significant Local Community Projects’ funding for the development of an Outdoor Play area to benefit users of their two nurseries (Hawthorn Specialist Playroom and Jimbo’s Community Nursery) as well as other community groups, and we look forward to discussing this in the future.

Through Asda’s National Charity partnership with BBC Children In Need, our colleagues and customers have been raising money to help fund projects that support disadvantaged children across UK develop vital life skills through play. One such project is Leeds Mencap and they receive funding for staffing in their specialist nursery.

I had the opportunity to pop down to the centre last year, to join in play with the toddlers and hear from staff and mums to understand how the nursery meets the needs of the children in their development. This experience was extremely rewarding. It’s great to know of Leeds Mencap’s connection to Children In Need and this had added more of a personal touch to our fundraising efforts in-store! (https://corporate.asda.com/blog/2018/08/01/were-backing-bbc-children-in-need-so-more-children-can-enjoy-the-power-of-play)

From the stories I’ve been told by people who have benefited from Leeds Mencap’s work and from positive feedback I’ve received it is evident that Leeds Mencap are making a real, positive difference to the lives of people with learning disabilities, their families and the local community, and we wish them every success with future ventures.

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