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Volunteer Spotlight – Mia

  • By Abi Hart
  • 22nd February 2023

Here at Leeds Mencap we have been lucky enough to recruit a brilliant new cohort of volunteers. Mia is one of our new Marketing and Communications Volunteers, here is a bit more about her and why she decided to volunteer for Leeds Mencap:

“After deciding that I wanted to do more outside of university life, I realised that volunteering would be a great way for me to contribute more.

As I am in my 2nd year, studying Fashion Marketing at the University of Leeds, I felt I was suitable for the Marketing and Communications volunteer role and thought it would be interesting for me to apply so I could broaden the skills that I have developed, during my time here in Leeds, to a wilder field of marketing other than that of the fashion industry.

Mencap is charity known to me and my Family, as my older Sister Laurie, who has a rare disability called Sotos Syndrome, attends groups ran by Mencap in London and Kent. I’ve seen first-hand how valuable volunteers are for the running of charities and this is why I was originally drawn to Leeds Mencap.

I am originally from South London and went to Graveney Sixth form in Tooting where I studied Biology, Chemistry and Film studies. A lot of people say this is a strange mix of A levels to but I feel it perfectly represented my interests of a mix of creativity and academia. This fusion of interests led me to choose the degree of fashion marketing!

Apart from university I have a passion for fitness. I enjoy running and doing Pilates and yoga classes. I hope to get a personal trainer qualification soon!

Aside from fitness, I also love sewing and making clothes, and after having taught myself to  use a sewing machine when I was 11 I have made things ever since. I have always been interested in fashion and before university I ran a small online business selling vintage clothes and ran the various social medias for it to. I also sometimes used my sewing skills to help with this too.

My sister often asks about what it’s like to volunteer here and I have told her everyone here at Mencap is very friendly and I feel very welcome here. I can’t wait to spend more time volunteering here at Leeds Mencap!”

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