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Parent Mental Health Day

  • By Abi Hart
  • 24th January 2023

Today marks parents mental health day. The day helps to raise awareness about the importance of good mental health and wellbeing in parents and carers to help families adapt to challenging situations.

Many people worry that having a mental health problem will make it difficult to cope with parenting. This worry is often heightened in parents of children with learning disabilities and additional needs, as they face unique circumstances often involving additional family support, educational support and medical needs.

You may worry about what affect your mental health has on your child and whether they may be experiencing stress or mental health problems themselves. Or you may face difficulties due to negative judgements surrounding mental health.

It is normal to be concerned about what impact your mental health problems may have on your children. Seeking help with your mental health does not make you any less of a capable parent. With the right support and advice you can support your child in a positive way whilst managing your mental health.

Quick Tips to look after your mental health

Mental health problems, don’t have a quick fix and it can take courage to reach out for help. However, it is just as important to take care of your mental health as it is your physical health. We’ve put together our top short-term to help you look after your mental.

  1. Get Active Outside -Getting outdoors and keeping active is great for everyone. Regardless of the weather, getting outside clears the mind, reduces stress and boosts endorphins.
  2. Stick to a routine– Creating and sticking to a set routine can help you to feel more secure and in control because you know what is going to happen and when. You can start implementing small routine changes such as getting up at the same time everyday or you could break your day down into set tasks to make it seem more manageable.
  3. Stay Connected– If you’re feeling down, nothing is better than a friendly face. Reach out to your loved ones whether that be in person or via phone or video chat. Having an outlet to talk about how you’re feeling, in a non-judgemental space often does the world of good, and reminds you you’re not alone.
  4. Take time for yourself-Make sure to schedule time into your day to do something for yourself. Whether it’s reading a book you love, cooking a delicious dinner, or watching your favourite film. Parenting is a full time job but it’s important to take a step back and carve some time out each week to rekindle lost interests and do something you love. Not only with this help you relax, but pursuing an interest can boost your self esteem!

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