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Kai’s Story

  • By MencapUsr
  • 27th May 2019

Kai attends our Thursday Club, which is a social group for 14-18 year-olds with learning disabilities. Learn more about him and his story below.

My name is Kai. I am 17 years old and I go to a local SILC which is a specialist inclusive learning centre for people like me with additional needs.

I go to Leeds Mencap Thursday Club, I enjoy coming to Leeds Mencap because I get to socialise with my friends but not only that staff too. The staff members here are very friendly and my experience here has been truly a success.

My favourite part of the club is chatting and getting to know everyone more and experiencing the time here. I enjoy playing snooker with people and I love also getting to know other people and what they like e.g. minecraft and other games too.  The club is good. I get to socialize with people who I don’t get to see and play games which I don’t have at home.

The centre here is good, they have a wide range of activities such as a pool table and a sensory room which is classic. We have a ball pool which we enjoy going to. We do lots of different activities each week even out and about in our local community and we go to places such as bowling.

Recently I was chosen to attend the Child Friendly Leeds Award, in which we got shortlisted for “Best place in Leeds for Children and Young People” which was a big success. I enjoyed the evening with Gemma and Esme and Molly. It was a good night.

My message to people is if you have a disability like me, the power is to join this youth club it really makes me smile and I am sure it would with you if you join it too it will make you and your life even better.

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