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Education, Health and Care Plan (EHC plan or EHCP)

What is an EHCP

An Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP) is a legal document for a child or young person up to the age of 25 with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND). It describes their educational, health and social care needs and the help they will get to meet them.

The plan is all about making sure children and young people receive the support they need to achieve their life goals.

In Leeds, EHCPs are created, reviewed and monitored by the SENSAP (Special Educational Needs Statutory Assessment and Provision) Team.

Watch this short video from Leeds City Council to learn more about EHCPs:

Read transcript (PDF)

EHCP assessments and reviews

At present, we are aware people are experiencing delays in the EHCP assessment process. For updates from SENSAP about the system and process – check Leeds Local Offer page.

Before applying for an EHCP, school will have to show they have carried out targeted interventions and that the child or young person is still not making expected progress. Schools do this by following the graduated response process. Read about the support schools should provide before applying for an EHCP, and about the graduated response cycle here.

A parent/carer can submit a request for an EHCP independently, without input from the child’s school or setting. However, we recommend discussing with your child’s settings if you think they may need an EHCP. The process is very evidence driven, and takes on the views of many professionals – so it’s good to have a discussion with school to ensure they are in the process of collecting sufficient evidence about your child’s need and progress. School can then help you with making your request.

Within 6 weeks of making your request, a Multi-agency panel meeting will be held. During this meeting a decision will be made about whether or not to carry out an EHCP assessment.

Following the assessment, if it’s agreed that your child needs an EHCP, evidence from professionals (including class teachers, medical professionals and educational psychologists) will be gathered and a draft plan will be made.

This will be disused in a next steps meeting. Following this, a final version of the plan will be issued. This final EHCP should be issued within 20 weeks of the initial request.

EHCPs are usually reviewed every 12 months, starting from the date of the first final EHCP. The review meeting will look at what progress has been made towards the outcomes specified in the EHC plan, and recommend what changes may need to be made considering this and the views of the young person.

A map outlining initial school support leading up to, and including the EHCP assessment proccess.

Further support and information

Our family support team are happy to answer any questions you might have about EHCPs. We can also signpost you to further information or support. Call us on 0113 235 1331 or email info@leedsmencap.org.uk

View all documents relating to EHCPs on the Leeds Local Offer website. This includes monthly updates from the SENSAP team regarding the process across the city.

Visit the Leeds City Council website to find information about EHCPs including how to apply for an application form and what to do if you’re unhappy with a decision about your child’s EHCP.

SENDIASS run online information sessions discussing topics such as SEND support in mainstream schools, EHCP assessments and refusal to assess appeals. View upcoming sessions on their website.

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