Featured Story: Siblings Group

Siblings group is a place to have fun, make friends and have time to yourself, open to children aged 7-14 who have a brother or sister with a learning disability.

Our siblings group lead the way by deciding the activities that they want to do. Our Support Team then plan how each session will run and think about what could be explored as a therapeutic part of the activities.

Recent activities have been: Decorating biscuits in the shape of their family (while talking about their family), making stress balls (and thinking about who to go to if they feel upset or concerned), t-shirt decorating, a talent show, den-building and even a fundraising event

There is often space for ‘circle time’, an opportunity to talk about school, the weekend, or their brother or sister who may be getting care in hospital, to see how they’re coping.

Sometimes the only activity we encourage is to be silly and to just enjoy making new friends. There is always free time at the end – when the siblings have the chance to go into the soft play room, let off steam and make up their own games.

At the end of each term, the group usually have a trip out or a party. There has been a colourfully-lit pyjama party in the sensory room and also a scary Halloween party!

We asked the siblings what they think about siblings group, here’s what they said:

What do you like about siblings group?

“It’s brilliant! I love making new friends and having a laugh and the staff are amazing! It is the only club where I make friends. I love having FUN!”

What difference has the group made to you?

“It made a difference because I didn’t have friends before. I get to spend some time away from my brother and get to see my friends.”

How could you help?

If you would like to fundraise to support siblings group – do get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.

Are you a DJ, dancer, sports teacher, actor or anything else? You could volunteer - let us know and we’ll see if it’s something the siblings want to do!

Siblings Group runs on Fridays, 4:30 - 6:30pm for children aged 7-14 (although we consider applications for children just outside this age range). Please contact us for more information about Siblings Group.

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